The Sulayman Mosque (الجامع سليمان) is a large Abbasid Caliphate-era mosque in the Sinite city of Jadallah, located opposite the main souq in the dense and busy market district. It serves as the city's primary community centre in addition to non-secular worship functions. The mosque complex is also home to a madrassa, which educates a third of the city's school-aged children.

The Sulayman Mosque is known for its large, shiny turquoise-blue dome, with an ornamental crescent of pure gold at its peak. The mosque was constructed ca. 890, when Jadallah was he most important caravansary and souq along the Cairo-Jerusalem road in the Sinai. It has been almost completely destroyed at least three times, and has been renovated and reimagined over and again.

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