The Scandinavian Progressive Union Front (SPUF) is a popular front of the three communist parties of the Danish Democratic Republic, Swedish Democratic Republic, and Norwegian Democratic Republic, which together contest elections to both houses of the Unionkongressen, the national legislature of the Scandinavian Democratic Federal Republic (SDFR), one of the 26 constituent republics of the Eurasian Union. The three political parties which make up the front are national branches of the All-Union Communist Party, the founding and ruling political party of the Eurasian Union; the front thus allows delegates from all three party branches to participate in the Scandinavian federal government, without the need for a special Scandinavian Party branch to which the national branches would be subordinated.

Unlike the three republics of the SDFR, the Finnish Autonomous Socialist Republic's governing party, the Communist Party of Finland (SKP), is not a member of the SPUF, and instead sends delegates to represent Finnish interests in the Scandinavian federal government, which affords a significantly higher level of autonomy to Finland due to its status as an autonomous republic (see also Republics of the Eurasian Union).

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