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The Prime Minister of Palestine (Arabic: رئيس الوزراء ra’īs al-wuzrā’) is the head of government of the Republic of Palestine. The President of Palestine (head of state) nominates a candidate, who is then elected by the Palestine Arab Congress. The new Prime Minister then appoints the Cabinet of Palestine, which he leads. The Prime Minister remains accountable to Congress, and can be removed from office and the Cabinet dissolved by a vote of no confidence. Currently, the office of Prime Minister is held by Yahya Abdalati.


The office of Prime Minister has existed as the nominal head of government since the founding of the First Palestinian Republic in 1947. The first President of Palestine Ragheb al-Nashashibi's office had de facto executive power over the Cabinet, with the Prime Minister functioning more like a deputy head of government, despite that office's official designation as such, which would set an example for all subsequent administrations. Nevertheless, after Nashashibi's death which ended his year-long term, Palestinian prime ministers, in spite of presidents' frequent efforts to the contrary, generally practiced a relatively higher degree of executive control, except in matters such as foreign affairs and defence, with the foreign and defence ministers, while technically subordinate to the Prime Minister, practicing a mostly presidential rather than prime ministerial foreign policy. However, it was not until after the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestine in 1979, and the re-establishment of the Palestinian government under a Ba'athist administration, that strong executive powers were formally defined and officially assigned to the presidency in the new constitution.

List of prime ministers[]

# Name President Party Term
1 Aref al-Aref Ragheb al-Nashashibi National Defence Party 1950–1951
2 Emil Ghouri Rafiq al-Tamimi National Defence Party 1952–1955
3 Ghassem al-Bourej Rafiq al-Tamimi National Defence Party 1955–1956
4 Arabi Awwad Rafiq al-Tamimi National Defence Party 1956–1957
5 Fahmi al-Abboushi Awni Abd al-Hadi Independence Party 1957–1960
6 Izzat Darwaza Awni Abd al-Hadi Independence Party 1960–1964
7 Jamal al-Husseini Ahmad Shukeiri Palestine Arab Party 1965–1967
8 Kamal Nasser Rifaf Khan Ba'ath Party 1979–1983
9 Haytham Abu Ahmad Rifaf Khan Ba'ath Party 1983–1984
10 Hassan Jarallah Rifaf Khan Ba'ath Party 1984–1986
11 Samir Ghawshah Rifaf Khan Ba'ath Party 1986–1989
12 Rakad Salem Rifaf Khan Ba'ath Party 1989–1990
13 Khaled al-Hassan Yasser Arafat Ba'ath Party 1990–1994
14 Ahmad Majdalani Yasser Arafat Ba'ath Party 1994–2001
15 Bassem Salhi Yasser Arafat Ba'ath Party 2001–2004
16 Azm Ali Ishtiaq Roman Kindi Ba'ath Party 2005–2010
17 Yahya Abdalati Roman Kindi Ba'ath Party 2010–present