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The Palestinian Navy (Arabic: البحرية الفلسطينية al-baḥriyah al-falasṭīnīyah) is one of the four services of the Palestinian Armed Forces. It is headquartered at Budapest Naval Station near Port Said.



Code Rank Arabic Insignia
OF-10 no equivalent
OF-9 Admiral عماد أول
‘imād awwal
Nrank admiral.png
OF-8 Vice admiral عماد
Nrank vice admiral.png
OF-7 Rear admiral لواء
Nrank rear admiral.png
OF-6 Commodore عميد
Nrank commodore.png
OF-5 Captain نقيب
Nrank captain.png
OF-4 Commander قائد
Nrank commander.png
OF-3 Lieutenant commander قائد ملازم
qā’id mulāzim
Nrank lieutenant commander.png
OF-2 Lieutenant


ملازم فرعي
mulāzim far‘ī
Nrank lieutenant.png
Nrank sub-lieutenant.png
OF-1 Ensign

Officer cadet
حملة الراية
ḥumlat ar-rāyah

ضابط متدرب
ḍābiṭ mutadrib
Nrank ensign.png
Nrank officer cadet.png


Code Rank Arabic Insignia
OR-9 Petty officer 1st class

Petty officer 2nd class
مساعد أول
musā‘id awwal

مساعد ثاني
musā‘id thānī
Nrank petty 1.png
Nrank petty 2.png
OR-8 Petty officer 3rd class مساعد
Nrank petty 3.png
OR-7 no equivalent
OR-6 Leading seaman رائد البحارة
rā’id al-buḥārah
Nrank leading seaman.png
OR-5 Seaman 1st class بحار أول
buḥār awwal
Nrank seaman 1.png
OR-4 Seaman 2nd class بحار ثاني
buḥār thānī
Nrank seaman 2.png
OR-3 no equivalent
OR-2 Seaman 3rd class بحار
Nrank seaman 3.png
OR-1 Seaman apprentice بحار متدرب
buḥār mutadrib
Nrank seaman apprentice.png


This is a list of all current active bases of the Palestinian Navy. Apart from these dedicated naval bases, the Navy also maintains an operations room and staffing centre at Khan el-Ahmar Joint Operations Base in the landlocked West Bank, as that base serves as the operational headquarters of the armed forces as a whole.

The six current active domestic naval bases are:

In addition, the Palestinian Navy maintains one foreign base: