The Palestinian National Fire Rescue Society (Arabic: جمعية إنقاذ النار الوطنية الفلسطينية jama‘iyat inqādh an-nār al-waṭanīyah al-falasṭīnīyah) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation founded in 1950, which is contracted by the Palestinian government to provide firefighting and other services such as search & rescue, first aid, and lifesaving response to motor vehicle accidents, earthquakes, and other emergencies.

The society is the only organisation providing firefighting services in the nation, maintaining 206 fire halls throughout Palestine staffed mostly by volunteers, and is contracted by the Palestine Airports Authority to maintain firefighting stations at all airports in the country. It operates two training facilities which provide fire, search & rescue, and first aid training programs free of charge to all Palestinian citizens. The society also offers fire safety training programs to schools and communities. While the society is a non-governmental entity, its operations are entirely subsidised by the state, like the ambulance services of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

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