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The Palestinian Army (Arabic: الجيش الفلسطيني al-jaysh al-falasṭīnī) is the regular ground force of the Republic of Palestine, one of four branches of the Palestinian Armed Forces. It has existed in various incarnations since its founding in 1947 as the All-Palestine Army, its current form dating from 1979.

The Army is by far the largest service of the armed forces in terms of manpower, and also commands the largest reserve force in the nation, whose personnel may be deployed on active duty during wartime. Due to Palestine's history of frequent resurgent clashes with Israel, the Palestinian Army is one of the most battle-tested modern Arab armies. It is headquartered at Khan el-Ahmar Joint Operations Base, located in Jabal el-Baba County, West Bank. Field Marshal Abdul Rahman Khan has been Chief of Staff of the Army since 2009.


  • corps (فيلق faylaq): up to 50,000 soldiers in 2 to 3 divisions
  • division (فرقة firqah): 11,000 to 20,000 soldiers in 3 to 5 brigades
  • brigade (لواء liwā): 3500 to 5000 soldiers in 2 to 3 regiments
    • mechanized: 100 to 150 infantry fighting vehicles; 3,500 soldiers in 2 to 3 regiments
    • armoured: 100 to 150 tanks; 2000 to 2,500 soldiers in 2 to 3 regiments
  • regiment (فوج fawj): 1,500 soldiers in 3 to 5 battalions
  • battalion (كتيبة katībah): 300 to 500 soldiers in 5 companies
  • company (سرية sariyah): 60 to 100 soldiers

Units reporting to Chief of Staff[]

  • Republican Guard
    • 100th Presidential Guards Brigade
      • 150th Security Regiment
      • 151st Security Regiment
      • 133rd Airborne Regiment
    • 102nd Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment
    • 103rd Artillery Brigade
      • 104th Artillery Regiment
      • 105th Infantry Regiment
    • 106th Airborne Regiment
    • 107th Commando Regiment
    • 108th Logistical Support Regiment
    • 109th Ordnance Regiment
    • 110th Armoured Brigade
      • 114th Armoured Regiment
      • 115th Mechanized Regiment
    • 138th Motorized Rifle Regiment
    • 139th Motorized Rifle Regiment
  • 16th Special Forces Division
    • 160th Special Forces Brigade
      • 165th Commando Regiment
      • 166th Airborne Regiment
      • 167th Airborne Regiment
    • 180th Special Forces Brigade
      • 185th Commando Regiment
      • 186th Commando Regiment
      • 188th Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment
    • 190th Mechanized Brigade
      • 191st Mechanized Regiment
      • 195th Mechanized Regiment
      • 196th Armoured Regiment
  • 18th Special Forces Division
    • 202nd Special Forces Brigade
      • 203rd Commando Regiment
      • 204th Airborne Regiment
    • 20th Artillery Brigade
      • 122nd Artillery Regiment
      • 123rd Artillery Regiment
    • 101st Shock Brigade
      • 62nd Armoured Regiment
      • 63rd Airborne Regiment
      • 140th Motorized Rifle Regiment

1st Corps[]

Standard-issue fatigues from ca. 2013

  • 10th Armoured Division
    • 110th Armoured Brigade
      • 111th Armoured Regiment
      • 117th Armoured Regiment
      • 199th Mechanized Regiment
    • 120th Armoured Brigade
      • 125th Armoured Regiment
      • 126th Mechanized Regiment
    • 150th Mechanized Brigade
      • 155th Mechanized Regiment
      • 156th Mechanized Regiment
    • 122nd Motorized Rifle Brigade
      • 128th Motorized Rifle Regiment
      • 129th Motorized Rifle Regiment
      • 119th Airborne Regiment
  • 11th Mechanized Division
    • 56th Mechanized Brigade
      • 260th Mechanized Regiment
      • 265th Mechanized Regiment
    • 58th Mechanized Brigade
      • 280th Mechanized Regiment
      • 112th Armoured Regiment
      • 87th Artillery Regiment
    • 44th Armoured Brigade
      • 290th Armoured Regiment
      • 291st Armoured Regiment
  • 12th Combat Engineers Division
    • 24th Engineers Brigade
      • 240th Engineers Regiment
      • 245th Logistical Support Regiment
    • 25th Engineers Brigade
      • 250th Engineers Regiment
      • 264th Engineers Regiment
      • 148th Logistical Support Regiment
    • 26th Ordnance Brigade
      • 27th Ammunition Technicians Regiment
      • 28th Disposal Regiment

2nd Corps[]

Basic training graduates of 1st corps in 2010

  • 20th Mechanized Division
    • 66th Mechanized Brigade
      • 201st Mechanized Regiment
      • 202nd Mechanized Regiment
      • 177th Infantry Regiment
    • 85th Mechanized Brigade
      • 123rd Mechanized Regiment
      • 124th Mechanized Regiment
      • 82nd Artillery Regiment
    • 86th Armoured Brigade
      • 88th Armoured Regiment
      • 136th Mechanized Regiment
  • 25th Mechanized Division
    • 200th Mechanized Brigade
      • 205th Mechanized Regiment
      • 206th Mechanized Regiment
      • 208th Artillery Regiment
    • 30th Infantry Brigade
      • 32nd Infantry Regiment
      • 34th Infantry Regiment
  • 35th Armoured Division
    • 305th Armoured Brigade
      • 55th Armoured Regiment
      • 60th Mechanized Regiment
    • 306th Infantry Brigade
      • 61st Infantry Regiment
      • 65th Infantry Regiment
      • 66th Artillery Regiment

3rd Corps[]

T-1 battle tanks of 44th Armoured Brigade

  • 13th Mechanized Division
    • 130th Mechanized Brigade
      • 131st Mechanized Regiment
      • 132nd Armoured Regiment
    • 14th Mechanized Brigade
      • 143rd Mechanized Regiment
      • 144th Mechanized Regiment
      • 209th Artillery Regiment
    • 15th Infantry Brigade
      • 91st Infantry Regiment
      • 92nd Infantry Regiment
  • 300th Armoured Division
    • 301st Armoured Brigade
      • 301st Armoured Regiment
      • 366th Mechanized Regiment
    • 302nd Mechanized Brigade
      • 145th Mechanized Regiment
      • 146th Artillery Regiment
    • 303rd Infantry Brigade
      • 68th Infantry Regiment
      • 69th Infantry Regiment



Code Rank Arabic Insignia
OF-10 Field marshal فريق
Rank field marshal.png
OF-9 General عماد أول
‘imād awwal
Rank general.png
OF-8 Lieutenant general عماد
Rank lieutenant general.png
OF-7 Major general لواء
Rank major general.png
OF-6 Brigadier general عميد
Rank brigadier general.png
OF-5 Colonel عقيد
Rank colonel.png
OF-4 Lieutenant colonel مقدم
Rank lieutenant colonel.png
OF-3 Major رائد
Rank major.png
OF-2 Captain نقيب
Rank captain.png
OF-1 First lieutenant

ملازم أول
mulāzim awwal

Rank lieutenant first.png
Rank lieutenant.png


Code Rank Arabic Insignia
OR-9 Warrant officer 1st class

Warrant officer 2nd class
مساعد أول
musā‘id awwal

مساعد ثاني
musā‘id thānī
Rank warrant 1.png
Rank warrant 2.png
OR-8 Warrant officer 3rd class مساعد
Rank warrant 3.png
OR-7 no equivalent
OR-6 Staff sergeant رقيب أول
raqīb awwal
Rank staff sergeant.png
OR-5 Sergeant رقيب
Rank sergeant.png
OR-4 Corporal عريف
Rank corporal.png
OR-3 no equivalent
OR-2 Private 1st class جندي أول
jundī awwal
Rank private awwal.png
OR-1 Private جندي
Rank private.png