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The Palestinian Air Force (Arabic: القوات الجوية الفلسطينية al-quwāt al-jawīyah al-falasṭīnīyah) is the aerospace defence service of the armed forces of the Republic of Palestine. The Air Force is headquartered at Atarot Airbase, just south of Ramallah in the West Bank. The mission of the Air Force is to provide efficient and relevant air support to ground and naval forces, as well as maintaining control of Palestinian airspace and protecting the sovereign territory of the republic from any and all potential or real airborne threats.

The modern Palestinian Air Force operates a total of 443 aircraft including helicopters. The Air Force also operates the nation's network of spy satellites. The operation and maintenance of the national anti-aircraft and missile defence systems are the responsibility of the National Strategic Aerospace Defence Directorate, which coordinates its operations closely with the Air Force; it also answers to the Ministry of Defence.


10th Air Division[]

  • 100th Fighter-Bomber Brigade
    • 104th Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 105th Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 106th Interceptor Regiment
    • 108th Fighter-Bomber Regiment
  • 110th Fighter-Bomber Brigade
    • 111th Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 112th Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 114th Interceptor Regiment
    • 115th Interceptor Regiment
    • 116th Fighter-Bomber Regiment
  • 120th Reconnaissance Brigade
    • 122nd Reconnaissance Regiment
    • 123rd Reconnaissance Regiment
    • 124th Auxiliary Air Regiment
  • 130th Rotary-Wing Brigade
    • 131st Attack Regiment
    • 132nd Attack Regiment
    • 133rd Utility Regiment
    • 134th Utility Regiment
    • 135th Utility Regiment
  • 140th Executive Regiment
    • 144th Presidential Shuttle Squadron
    • 145th Executive Guard & Transport Squadron
  • 150th Electronic Regiment
    • 151st Missile Battalion
    • 155th Radar Battalion
    • 24th UAV Squadron
    • 25th UAV Squadron

20th Air Division[]

Palestinian Air Force MiG-31 taxiing for takeoff at Atarot Airbase in December 2014

  • 200th Fighter-Bomber Brigade
    • 201st Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 202nd Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 203rd Interceptor Regiment
  • 220th Fighter-Bomber Brigade
    • 221st Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 222nd Fighter-Bomber Regiment
    • 223rd Interceptor Regiment
    • 224th Interceptor Regiment
    • 225th Reconnaissance Regiment

Palestinian Air Force Mi-24 gunships at the start of the occupation of Jordan in 2011

  • 230th Rotary-Wing Brigade
    • 231st Attack Regiment
    • 232nd Attack Regiment
    • 233rd Utility Regiment
    • 235th Utility Regiment
  • 250th Transport Brigade
    • 251st Air Transport Regiment
    • 252 Air Transport Regiment
    • 254th Heavy Transport Regiment
    • 255th Auxiliary Air Regiment

      Palestinian Air Force Il-96 taxiing for takeoff in fog at Port Said International Airport

    • 256th Airlift Squadron
    • 258th Airlift Squadron
  • National Air Force Academy
    • 21st Training Group
    • 22nd Training Group
    • 23rd Rotary-Wing Training Group


Type Model Origin First delivered Qty. in service
interceptor Su-17 Soviet Union 1979 39
interceptor MiG-31 Soviet Union 1985 45
MiG-25 Soviet Union 1983 41
reconnaissance MiG-21 Soviet Union 1976 36
fighter-bomber MiG-23 Soviet Union 1981 30
fighter-bomber Su-24 Soviet Union 1980 49
strategic bomber Tu-160 Soviet Union 1985 10
utility helicopter Bell CH-146 Canada 1996 50
utility helicopter Mi-17 Soviet Union 1979 40
attack helicopter Mi-24 Soviet Union 1980 21
transport Il-76 Soviet Union 1984 30
transport Il-96 Russia 1996 10
training fixed-wing Aero L-39 Czech Republic 1979 16
training rotary-wing Bell 206 Canada 1988 15
misc. Airbus A300 France 1989 8
presidential aircraft Bombardier Global Express 6000 Canada 2009 2



Presidential jet landing in Syria in 2016

Code Rank Arabic Insignia
OF-10 Air chief marshal فريق
OF-9 Air marshal عماد أول
OF-8 Air commodore عماد
OF-7 Group captain لواء
OF-6 Wing commander عميد
OF-5 Squadron leader عقيد
OF-4 Flight lieutenant مقدم طيار
OF-3 Flying officer ضابط طيار
OF-2 Pilot officer طيار
OF-1 Flight cadet تلميذ


Interior of the presidential jet

Code Rank Arabic Insignia
OR-9 Warrant officer 1st class مساعد أول
OR-8 Warrant officer 2nd class مساعد ثاني
OR-7 Warrant officer 3rd class مساعد
OR-6 Sergeant major رقيب أول
OR-5 Staff sergeant رقيب ثاني
OR-4 Sergeant رقيب
OR-3 Corporal عريف
OR-2 Airman 1st class جوي أول
OR-1 Airman جوي