The Palestine Securities Exchange (Arabic: سوق فلسطين للأوراق المالية sūq falasṭīn lil-awrāq al-mālīyah; commonly known in English as the Palestine Stock Exchange) is the largest stock exchange in the Republic of Palestine, representing the bulk of the country's tradable securities and joint-stock companies. The majority of Palestine's largest corporations are public companies and thus listed on the exchange.

The stock exchange is partially owned by TNB Financial Group, which is itself listed on the exchange, as well as other shareholders; however, 51% of its shares are owned by the Palestinian government in security and thus not listed on the exchange. The exchange is located in downtown Ramallah, Ramallah County, across El-Manareh Square from the National Reserve.

Stocks are listed by code using Latin characters, with most companies using an acronym or some variation of their official name in English or French.

Major domestic listings[edit | edit source]

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