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The Ministry of Justice (Arabic: وزارة العدل wuzārat al-‘adl) is the executive department of the Palestinian government responsible for prosecuting legal cases before the judiciary and overseeing all public prosecutors within the country, as well as enforcing certain affairs such as citizenship and naturalisation policy. The head of the Ministry of Justice is known colloquially as the Attorney-General (النائب العام an-nā'ib al-‘ām), but his/her official title is Minister of Justice (امين العدل amīn al-‘adl). The incumbent Minister of Justice is Bassel Barghouti, in office since 2014.

The headquarters of the Ministry of Justice is located in the American Colony borough of East Jerusalem, across Salahaddin Street from the Supreme Court of Palestine.


  • Authority of Attorney-General: Responsible for prosecuting criminal charges before the judiciary.
  • State Professional Inspectorate: Enforces professionalism across the government and public sector via investigation and prosecution of corruption.
  • Parole & Probation Directorate: Responsible for supervising accused persons on pre-trial probation and convicts released on parole.
  • Youth Criminal Justice Directorate: Responsible for administering the child and youth criminal justice system.
  • Legal Subsidy Office: Organises and compensates public defence attorneys for citizens unable to afford private representation.
  • Human Resources Department: Recruits, trains and compensates Ministry of Justice personnel.