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The Presidential Palace (Arabic: بيت البستان bayt al-bustān; lit. "Garden Estate") is the official residence and workplace of the President of Palestine. It is located atop Mount Qadoum in the East Jerusalem borough of Kasbat Sheikhoun (El-Sheikh). The estate was formerly home to an Ottoman compound, and served as a British Army garrison during the mandate period. Highway 417 (El-Sheikh St) detours south to bypass the mount, on the eastern base of which lay the Tomb of Lazarus and accompanying church; the western base of the mount is the borough of Wadi Qadoum. The Mount of Olives and Old City can be seen toward the west.

North wing courtyard, modeled after Nassan Palace in Damascus Old City

The grounds of the palace have gardens, trees and a vineyard; privacy hedges and a security wall surround the compound on all sides. There are two gated entrances off El-Sheikh Street: one on the northwest side of the compound for private access, and a much larger one with accompanying guesthouse on the southwest side, which is the official entrance for dignitaries and other guests; from this gate, a curving lane leads up the mount to the official entrance. The gatehouses and all security protocols are operated by the Republican Guard, the only division of the armed forces allowed on the grounds of the presidential compound. The Republican Guard has a garrison on the north side of the compound, and is headquartered at the Mount of Olives Citadel 1 km west of the estate.

The Presidential Palace includes the main war room from which the president directs any and all military operations as commander-in-chief, in consultation with the Office of the General Staff. The military itself has its own branch-specific headquarters, as does the State Secretariat of Defence and the General Staff (the Mukataa), but the central command is located at the palace itself.

Main entrance gate off El-Sheikh Street

The compound is thought to contain concealed anti-aircraft batteries, as well as a complex system of bunkers with command centre and even a fallout shelter. The yard directly behind the north wing of the main building has a helipad; the helicopter (Sikorsky S-76) which shuttles the president to the presidential jet at Atarot Airbase is operated by Republican Guard pilots, and stored at a hangar on site.