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The Republic of Palestine consists of 44 counties (Arabic: مقاطعات muqāṭa‘āt, singular: مقاطعة muqāṭa‘ah). Because Palestine is a unitary state, the counties exist mostly for administrative purposes, and have a local council but not an actual subnational government as seen in federated states. Counties are subdivided into municipalities, which do have their own municipal governments headed by a mayor or council. The county councils exist to foster cooperation between municipal governments in order to manage county-wide affairs. The other function of such councils is legislative: each county is represented in the Senate (the upper house of the Palestine Arab Congress) by a senator, who is nominated by their county's council and appointed by the President of Palestine.

The Gendarmerie, which is responsible for law enforcement in all 44 counties, subordinates its municipal detachments to county-level departments.

The cities of East Jerusalem and Port Said are special municipalities directly administered by the national government: they are not considered counties or part of counties, and have their own local Gendarmerie department. Considering the population of the capital (748,000) and Port Said proper (1.1 million), almost a fifth of the total national population lives outside the county system.


West Bank[]

West Bank legend.png
# County Seat iam going to sue you x
1 Ariel County Ariel F
2 Balata County Nablus D
3 Beit el-Arab County Jericho L
4 Bethlehem County Bethlehem Q
5 El-Bireh County El-Bireh J
6 Bir Zeit County Bir Zeit H
7 Jabal el-Baba County Masuah O
8 Jenin County Jenin A
9 Khalidia County Khalidia N
10 Khalil County Hebron T
11 Qalqilia County Qalqilia G
12 El-Ram County El-Ram M
13 Ramallah County Ramallah I
14 Shehab County Taybeh K
15 Surif County Surif R
16 Tarqumia County Tarqumia S
17 Tekoa County Tekoa P
18 Tubas County Tubas B
19 Tulkarm County Tulkarm C
20 Wady el-Ordonn County Sophron E
21 Zahiriya County Zahiriya U


Gaza counties legend.png
# County Seat x
22 Abasan County Abasan el-Kabireh H
23 Balah County Deir el-Balah E
24 Gaza County Gaza City C
25 Jabalia County Jabalia B
26 Khan Younis County Khan Younis F
27 Najd County Najd A
28 Nuseirat County Nuseirat D
29 Rafah County Rafah G


Sinai county legend.png
# County Seat x
30 Abu Rudeis County Ras Abu Rudeis J
31 Balady County Arish B
32 Bir el-Abd County Bir el-Abd C
33 Dahab County Dahab N
34 Fuad County Port Fuad H
35 Hassaneh County Bir Hassaneh E
36 Janoub Sinin County Nekhel L
37 Kotaly County Shokry el-Kotaly D
38 El-Mallaheh County Tafria I
39 Nissan County Nissan F
40 Qantareh County El-Qantareh el-Sharqiyeh G
41 Sharm el-Sheikh County Sharm el-Sheikh O
42 Sheikh Zoweid County Sheikh Zoweid A
43 Taba County Taba M
44 Tour County Tour K