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The Council of Ministers (Arabic: مجلس الوزراء majlis al-wuzrā’) is the chief executive body of the Republic of Palestine. According to the 1979 constitution, the Council of Ministers is appointed by the President of Palestine and responsible to the Palestine Arab Congress, and serves as the Prime Minister's cabinet.

Duties and responsibilities[]

The President of Palestine appoints an individual to serve as chair of the Council of Ministers, ideally the leader of the party holding a majority in the Palestine Arab Congress, who is subsequently declared Prime Minister of Palestine. The Prime Minister may then recommend members to the Council of Ministers who are appointed by the President. The Council of Ministers consists of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, ministers who chair the ministries responsible for executive administration in a particular domain, and the chairpersons of state committees attached to the Council of Ministers.

In addition to its executive powers, the Council of Ministers has a central role in policymaking, especially in the Palestine Arab Congress, to which it may propose legislation. Nevertheless, Congress retains the power to dissolve the Council of Ministers and force the resignation of the Prime Minister by a vote of no confidence. The President may also dissolve the Council of Ministers and remove the Prime Minister via executive order.



# Office Incumbent
1 Prime Minister of Palestine Yahya Abdalati
2 Deputy Prime Minister of Palestine Zubeir Nidal


3 Minister of Interior Abdullah Idris
4 Minister of Defence Rajeh Asaad
5 Minister of Foreign Affairs Anwar el-Aita
6 Minister of Justice Dr. Bassel Barghouti
7 Minister of Finance Mahmoud Shurrab
8 Minister of Education Sari Nusseibeh
9 Minister of Health Dr. Mosa el-Sarraj
10 Minister of Labour Sufian Abu Zaida
11 Minister of Tourism Hossein Rouheh
12 Minister of Energy Salim Zanoun
13 Minister of Sanitation Mohammed el-Qadi
14 Minister of Agriculture Bassem Zawati
15 Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Dr. Ibrahim Harrak
16 Minister of Infrastructure Khaled el-Sufi
17 Minister of Transportation Imran Makhlouf
18 Minister of Telecommunication Abdel Raouf el-Sabti
19 Minister of Natural Resources Dr. Juha Abu Ayyad
20 Minister of Social Security Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh
21 Minister of Family Development Dr. Amjed Farrah
22 Minister of Culture Tariq Amen

Chairpersons of state committees[]

23 Chair of the Joint Security Committee Ilyas Mosa
24 Chair of the State Committee for Economic Development Mansour el-Tamer
25 Chair of the State Committee for National Reunification Rushdi el-Jabour
26 Chair of the State Committee for Defence Industry Awad el-Fadel
27 Chair of the State Revenue Committee Faris el-Sahli
28 Chair of the State Committee for Trade Unions Khaled el-Halaby
29 Chair of the State Committee for Agricultural Reform Mehdi Hakimian
30 Chair of the State Committee for Nationalisation and Expropriation Kassem Saad
31 Chair of the State Committee for Aerospace Industry Dr. Mumtaz Asfour
32 Chair of the State Publishing Committee Altaf Shahid
33 Chair of the State Accreditation Committee Rasmi Haddad
34 Chair of the State Committee for National Policy Dr. Kheiry Nahas
35 Chair of the State Elections Committee Rania el-Sabet