The All-Russian Central People's Congress (ARCPC) is the supreme institution of state power in the Russian Socialist Federal Republic (RSFR), the largest constituent republic of the Eurasian Union. Like the People's Congresses of the other union republics, the ARCPC elects the All-Russian Council of Ministers at a joint sitting, which serves as the highest executive and administrative organ of the Russian federal government.

The All-Russian Central People's Congress is bicameral in nature, both chambers directly elected:

  • The Congress of Deputies consists of 450 seats, each representing an electoral district of roughly the same population. The Congress of Deputies sends ten delegates to the annual All-Union Congress of Republics.
  • The Congress of the Republic consists of 192 seats; two for each krai or oblast, and four for each autonomous republic, which also each have their own unicameral People's Congress.
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