The al-Quds University Public Library System (Arabic: شركة جامعة القدس للمكتبة العامة sharkat jāmi‘at al-quds lil-maktabah al-‘āmah) is the main public library system serving the East Jerusalem Capital District, as well as Bethlehem County, Ramallah County, and El-Bireh County in the West Bank, Palestine. It is the largest public library system in the nation, and is financed and operated by Al-Quds University; however, because the university itself is entirely state-subsidised, the al-Quds University Public Library System is essentially no different than the other state-subsidised public library systems throughout the nation, such as Nablus Public Library and Port Said Public Library.

The Central Branch is located in the Mount Scopus borough of East Jerusalem, near the Cabinet of Palestine and Palestine Arab Congress northwest of the main campus of al-Quds University. The library system operates 22 other branches in the Capital District, as well as 4 each in Bethlehem, Ramallah, and El-Bireh counties, for a total of 35 locations. The library has almost 400,000 members.

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