Amr Ahmad Shukeiri (1910–1976; Arabic: عمرو احمد شقيري) was a Palestinian politician who served as the fourth President of the Republic of Palestine.

Shukeiri led the Palestine Arab Party from 1950. He was arrested in 1952 by the administration of President Rafiq al-Tamimi as part of a campaign of repression against his party and its supporters, and sentenced to fifteen years behind bars. He directed the 1964 Palestinian coup d'état from his isolation cell in Khan al-Ahmar Military Prison, which succeeded and resulted in his release from prison and inauguration as President of Palestine in early 1965. His administration lasted until mid-1967, when Palestine was occupied militarily by Israeli forces following its defeat in the Six-Day War. Shukeiri remained president-in-exile until his death in 1976, and was succeeded as president by Rifaf Khan in 1979 following the end of Israeli occupation.

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