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This is an ongoing project to create a comprehensive, editable encyclopedia on this, that and the other, and related topics. Anybody is welcome to edit, such as to help improve spelling or grammar or the like; however, please refrain from writing or changing things unless you have an actual source. This is fandom for my own constructed world (conworld) mostly, but I do try to maintain a level of continuity. For example, in real life Yasser Arafat was the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation; in my conworld, Arafat served as the sixth President of the Republic of Palestine, the independent Palestinian state which in real life has yet to come into existence. Basically, I am documenting here the details of an alternate reality. It's not like another planet or anything.

Disclaimer: Like any fandom site, this project is entirely fictional. I enjoy creating fictional countries and alternate histories, writing about the pertinent politics etc. etc. Naturally, some of this will touch upon controversial subject matter. For example, my fictional country, the Republic of Palestine, is a state which controls the territory of the West Bank and Gaza as well as the Sinai Peninsula, and is ruled by a Ba'athist government. Keeping in mind the fictional nature of these articles, one can let go of all potential political controversy or even sensitivity when one reads that Jerusalem is the proclaimed capital of the Palestinian republic, with the eastern half of the city under the control of Palestine and serving as its seat of government. or that in this reality, Israeli forces do not occupy or control the West Bank, and thus former settlements are now Jewish new towns under local municipal government.

Lastly, I would like to say that this is not meant to be any sort of political statement. I just like fanfiction or whatever you would call this. My best childhood friend is from Israel, and I'm super into all sorts of different types of language and culture. I do wish to see peace one day in Israel–Palestine, but this wikia is by no means an effort to have this come about, from any angle, political or otherwise.


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